In this series of structuring your roster we have first secured a quarterback and then addressed a pressure player and cover men that will also be an asset on special teams.  Some may argue that our next position should be receiver but we contend that protecting the quarterback and effectively being able to run the football take precedence.

When I was a young coach and a “wing-T guy” I was instructed to put our best offensive lineman at center.  Later in my career running the football continued to be a priority but throwing the football achieved us success and recognition.  Now the thought process is to put your best offensive linemen at the backside of your quarterback’s dominant hand at tackle and your second best at the dominant side guard position.  The philosophy is to protect from unseen pressure and to secure the throwing alley to which the ball is being launched.

When evaluating individual’s to play in the most choreographed and teammate reliant aspect of perhaps all sport, we look to mesh these qualities into a cohesive unit looking at these traits for;

                                                                                 OFFENSIVE LINEMEN

INITIAL QUICKNESS            Movement off the ball to gain advantage, first step, foot and hand speed

EXPLOSION                               Knee bender/sinks hips, not a waist bender, leg drive, roll hips, core strength, shock to punch, control and drive, surge, pancakes

RUN BLOCK INLINE              Type; (drive, hook, scoop, fan, double, slip, peel, trap, angle, cut-off), initial contact, leverage, feet, balance, sustain, visible shock when delivering a blow, explosion, finish block, follow through, combination blocks (double, fold, cross, etc.), ability to adjust and block different looks while maintaining balance, stays on feet, position (finesse) vs power, timing, vision

SUSTAIN/BALANCE               Base, feet, not overextended, ability to recover and regain positioning, ability to retain body control in the execution of various position fundamentals

BASE/LEVERAGE                    Solid lower body, flexibility and power, knee bender, difficult to knock off feet

CUT-OFF                                       Lateral agility and quickness to prevent and secure defenders pursuit away from the play, vs. slant move

PULL/TRAP                                 Initial step, adjust on the run, zero in on the target and strike, depth and approach, body control, kick-out or log, contact, follow through, finish, quickness, explosion

ADJUST ON THE MOVE        Change of direction, agility and body control, breakdown, zero in on moving target and strike, vision

BLOCK DOWNFIELD              Effort, hustle, make 2nd block, look for someone to hit 2nd and 3rd level, angle, adjust, sustain, work on air, throw too early and overextend, results

PASS BLOCK                               Stance, quick set, drop and angle, feet, base, balance, athletic ability, lateral slide, recovery quickness, mirror and shadow, shift weight, can sit back, tuck hips and explode, hand placement and usage, punch, pop and recoil, quick hands, lock out arms, recognize and adjust to various games, twists and stunts, ability to handle speed, quick and power rush, patient, not over-anxious or overly aggressive, no lunge or overextend, top-heavy, anchor, range, drop and anchor vs bull rush, shoulders square, head up, confidence

FOOT QUICKNESS                   Ability to move feet in rapid succession, lateral movement

RECOVER ABILITY                  Regarding reacting to an opponents movement, ability to regain body control and balance, get out of trouble, redirect and shift weight quickly to defeat opponent, pivot/turn and run

USE OF HANDS                         Quickness, stab, punch, placement, extension, 6 inch jab, control opponent

ANCHOR VS. POWER            Size, play strength, balance, base, punch, shock, drop weight

FINISH                                          Effort to complete the play, plays through the echo of the whistle, dominate opponent, competitive spirit, nasty streak

                                                                                                 CRITICAL FACTORS

SIZE                                                 Height and weight according to the chart and level of play

QUICKNESS                                Initial movement off the LOS and into blocks, set in pass pro, ability to move hands, arms, torso and feet in rapid succession

STRENGTH                                   Core strength, degree of strength exhibited in performance of duties (functional or play strength), weight room vs. on the field

BODY CONTROL                       Ability to quickly adjust body and shift weight to regain balance and get position on an opponent after being out of position initially

MENTAL                                      Football intelligence, learn and retain with limited reps, understand concepts, make mental adjustments on the move, awareness and alertness

  1. Mike,
    Good stuff. Did you already do the QB section? If so how do I locate it?

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