Coach Mike Kelly – Leadership is not passive

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Leadership
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No one gets out of bed each morning with a desire to lose.  I also refuse to believe that individuals plan their day to lose their humanity and set an agenda to willing harm another whether it be emotionally, or physically.  It’s part of a leader’s job, really their duty, to show their followers that they are positive and will win.

Being genuine and caring with your players is vitally important.  We never use the term “try”… we use “will” and “can” to foster a positive thought process and promote personal bests.  This approach is active and challenges the process and the person to recognize their potential by envisioning the ideas and ideals set forth.  It assists in the support of the ideas and provides a willingness to challenge the system.  Using the terms “will” and “can” works with a football team as you harden their will to prepare to win but perhaps should be tempered when speaking with a fan base that is rapid for immediate results.  The difficulty there lies with sending one message within the group and another outside of the group.  I struggle with sending a message that is not consistent with what I want in the players mindset .  I need to learn how to say the same thing but in a different way when cultivating a reorganization, a turnaround, or changing the things as they are.

One thing I know is that you must be brave enough to fail as a leader and it’s okay to make mistakes.  Did anyone reading this ever master a new task, sport, relationship, whatever it might be with their first try?  False steps are learning opportunities and the journey to success will be discouraging, frustrating, and tiresome.  A Head Coach needs to recognize this not only within his team but also with the fan base.  The fan never needs to know everything that is going on within the building because it is a subculture that is unique to those that live it but they need fostering and nurturing so that they understand the mission and goals to positively support the club they want so badly to identify with.

None of this works without love of what you do and a love for the people involved with you.  For 30 years I loved being the first one to turn the key in the morning and put on the first pot of coffee.  For 30 years I loved turning off all the lights and locking the door behind me knowing that I get to lay down for a few hours and then wake up with a burning desire to win…


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